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Market Place Solutions

The perfect location for your logistics challenges, now and in the future

SMART HUB is the perfect location from which to further develop your E-commerce activities. We offer you the best possible logistics infrastructure for the supply of your customers.
  • Avoid long processing times: dock and go!
  • Combined product flows
  • Sustainable working methods

Whether for B2B shipments or B2C deliveries to industrial zones or to city centres, we have everything it takes to handle things for you!

With regard to administrative issues, we deal with all of the required shipping documents and, where possible, combine your volume with an existing product flow. This enables you to benefit from competitive rates and an optimal loading level for the trucks. Better for the environment, better for your wallet.

SMART HUB is uniquely located by a main waterway. It is therefore highly suitable for handling products that are shipped to the Benelux in sea containers. Inland vessels are used to haul the containers from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp to Den Bosch, where we immediately place them directly in front of our docks for unloading. No valuable time is spent waiting. Our Dynamic Dock Planning tool is used to handle these processes for you, efficiently, without paperwork and without delay.

Do you also face the challenge of organising and preparing your supply chain for the future? Then rely on SMART HUB to take care of things for you!


"We work with SMART HUB in different areas. For the inbound goods flow from Asia we use the BCTN as much as possible. The stripping of containers is outsourced to SMART HUB. We also use their storage facilities as an overflow warehouse in peak periods. SMART HUB offers flexible solutions, always keeping the environment in mind."

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Growing the smart way?

Contact us and learn which (temporary) solutions SMART HUB can offer to your company.

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Growing the smart way?

Contact us and learn which (temporary) solutions SMART HUB can offer to your company.